Amir Kabir

Who I am?

Creative - Driven - Open Mindened

I am a quite hardworking, determined and attentive person who is always ready to go further in order to help out. I have dreams I want to pursue, and I won't be satisfied until I find out whether or not I can achieve them.

If I'm told something is impossible to do, I often can't resist seeing if it's true. I don't mind failing if I learn something in the process.

Someone calls me an outgoing and effective communicator, because I have strong interpersonal skills and I am capable to work with different people, whether they are young or old, foreigners or natives, etc.. Over the years, I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet the interesting people from many different places and learn interesting facts about them.

I am responsible and resilience, because others appreciate my personal ability to challenge various aspects of work. Moreover I enjoy creating teams of people to tackle a challenging tasks.

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What I do?

Investing - Problem Solving - Entrepreneurship

Before pursuing my MBA at Georgetown, I have worked for Legodo AG, a rapidly growing startup company that develops enterprise software to help companies communicate more personally with customers.

With Legodo, I have successfully managed client engagements averaging $2 million in licensing fees, built relationships with clients whose revenues average $450 million, led teams of up to 10 people and initiated and managed projects in seven countries.

I bring a wealth of experience in enterprise technology solutions, in roles ranging from consulting to business development and sales, my own entrepreneurial endeavors as well as from my work last summer and now in Venture Capital.

During my time in Business School, I worked for SineWave Ventures and Route66 Ventures, focusing on financial services technologies, Cyber Security and Big Data. Besides my studies, I was also part of the InSITE Fellowship program, a highly competitive leadership development program comprised of exceptional graduate students at top universities, including Columbia, NYU, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Georgetown, and several medical research institutions. InSites major task is to provide early stage companies with consulting services to help them raise Seed or Series A financing. Moreover I was involved with MBA Admissions Office at Georgetown and managed the implementation of Salesforce over the a period of nine month. I managed the transfer and segmentation of data, proposed solutions, and worked entirely with the Information Technology team to make it happen.

I am currently working for Presidio Partners, a San Francisco-based venture capital firm with a focus on technology, energy and life science investments.

I'm never satisfied with the current trends and am always looing for new opportunities. Creativity, I believe will never progress unless we climb outside the confining box of simplemindedness.


Due Diligence
Venture Capital
Project Management
Sales & Pre-sales
Soft Skills
Business Analysis
Customer relationship management (CRM)
International Business
Web Design
Training Delivery
Solution Architecture
Product Development
Business Development


Presidio Partners
Investment Associate

Presidio Partners is a San Francisco-based venture capital firm with a focus on technology, energy and life science investments. Investment focus includes healthcare, technology, and energy. Select portfolio companies include Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals, AirTight Networks, Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corp., Intermolecular, Arcadia Biosciences, and LiveOps..

Route66 Ventures
Investment Associate

Route 66 Ventures, LLC is a private investment firm that provides venture capital, private equity, and debt to emerging financial services and fintech companies, and also selectively invests in other related industries.

SinveWave Ventures
Investment Associate

Sinewave Ventures is a new venture firm with a focus on companies doing business with the public sector. It is the first venture fund to build a platform connecting the public and private sector to bring new innovation to the government space. The overarching goal is to invest in companies that are working to improve or figure out how to work with the public sector.

Insite Fellows
Consulting Fellow

InSITE is a program that supports Washington D.C. entrepreneurs around early product and business development. InSITE's mission is to accelerate start-ups through their early-stage development, transitioning them from seed-stage to venture-funded maturity.

Founded in 1999, InSITE is a two-year Fellowship program comprised of 150 top graduate students in business, law, engineering, computer science, design and PhD and post doctorate programs in natural sciences and medicine from top Universities who are interested in entrepreneurship, technology and venture finance. The Fellowship is comprised of a talented pool of graduate students attending Columbia, NYU, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Georgetown and Memorial Sloan Kettering, committed to the Fellowship’s mission on campuses across the nation.

Legodo ag
Senior Consultant

Legodo ag is a leading software producer for relevant customer communication.
Customer relationships can make or break a company, and written communications can make all the difference between a mere buyer and a loyal customer. This is exactly why we have developed our Customer Communication Suite (CCS) 4, dramatically improving the world’s best customer communications management solution even further.
CCS 4 redefines customer communications. How? By using innovative Java technologies and open standards that can be used to integrate the tool into any IT environment, implementing an intuitive user interface that makes generating documents a breeze, and enabling users to use the communication channels they need. The result is an innovative platform that facilitates the creation and maintenance of templates, integrates proven and reliable software, and provides an innovative interface that delivers results on any device.

Director Technology & Product Development (Co-Founder)

best4nest is my own startup, which I founded with a friend of mine. Its an online shop with a complete new business scenario. best4nest combines the advantages of furniture-online shops with those of a deal page.

Network Engineer Intern

Netcologne is a leading telecommunications provider(high-performance fiber optic network, one of the most modern in Europe) with revenue of $310M p.a


Georgetown University - McDonough School of Business

Master of Business Administration (MBA), MBA

  • Vice President of Technology, Student Government Board
  • MBA Student Ambassador - MBA Student Recruiter, Office of Admissions
  • InSite Fellowship Program – Consulting Fellow leading projects with leading practitioners, VC’s and entrepreneurs
  • Georgetown MSB Technology & Innovation Club, MBA Volunteers, Georgetown Entrepreneurship Club
  • 1st Place in Georgetown McDonough School of Business VCIC (The International Venture Capital Investment Competition)
  • 1st Place in Regional VCIC (The International Venture Capital Investment Competition) at University of Colorado - Boulder
  • 1st Place in Global VCIC (The 18th International Venture Capital Investment Competition) at University of North Carolina
Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln

Diploma in Business Informatics, Business Informatics (focus on E-business)

Diploma Thesis: “Developed a customer related performance measurement system based on the empirical study for improving customer retention and helped sales to focus on relevant KPI’s”; Received grade A


Siebel 8 Consultant Certified Expert, Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Siebel 8 Consultant Exam represents a comprehensive, technical exam designed for implementation team members involved in the installation, configuration, or administration of Siebel CRM applications. The exam topics include Siebel CRM applications architecture, functionality, and configuration. Candidates are also tested on the fundamental architectural concepts and structures of Siebel CRM applications, including data access control, data exchange mechanisms, work process, and business logic automation capabilities along with Siebel CRM application design and functionality.

Training The Street – Corporate Valuation Training Program: A Primer to Wall Street Valuation Techniques

Training the Street is the leading provider of instructor-led courses in financial modeling and corporate valuation training to Wall Street investment banks, business schools and colleges.
This Primer will:

  • Provide a "practitioner's view" in terms of being able to talk about valuation methodology in the current context of the industry
  • Introduce Wall Street corporate valuation techniques and calculations designed to build technical skills and awareness
  • Awards

    1st place in Global VCIC Finals at University of North Carolina (The 18th Annual Venture Capital Investment Competition)

    Global VCIC is the world’s largest venture capital competition among top MBA students from 70+ prestigious business schools. Students attend the competition by competing in one of 12 regional finals held on 3 continents to qualify for the Global VCIC Finals in Chapel Hill, hosted by UNC's Kenan-Flagler Business School. During the competition, students are acting as venture capitalists: evaluating real start-ups, interacting with entrepreneurs and preparing term sheets. In the meanwhile, judges (real venture capitalists!) are assessing the students’ performances. Global VCIC is a unique competition as it brings top VCs, prestigious MBAs and promising start-ups together!

    Charity & Social Engagement

    Roland Berger Stiftung
    The Foundation

    The Roland Berger Foundation is an independent public foundation under German civil law with headquarters in Munich, Germany. It was established in 2008 by management consultant Prof. Dr. h.c. Roland Berger, who donated the initial foundation capital of EUR 50 million.

    Roland Berger Scholarship

    The Roland Berger Scholarship is aimed at gifted children and young people from socially disadvantaged families who are ready to work hard and show a special commitment. Each scholarship recipient receives an individual plan that tailors support to his/her talents and needs by configuring ten learning modules. The general priorities of Roland Berger Scholarships are: conveying knowledge, developing personality and giving ethical guidance. Each youngster is also assigned a volunteer mentor to provide support and act as a mediator between home, school and the Foundation as the student progresses toward the school3leaving exam – normally the Abitur, qualifying for university. The performance of the scholarship program is monitored by academics from Berlin s Free University. There are currently around 450 primary and secondary school students who benefit from a Roland Berger Scholarship.

    • Being Mentor of one scholarship recipient youth (18 year old Turkish immigrant)
    • Providing personal support and Supervision; Meeting on a regularly basis
    • Act as an interface between the school, parents and the foundation
    • Supporting his development as well as supporting him in all day life



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    Global Mindset

    Countries I have been to either for Work, Visit or Fun

    North America: 3

    Europe: 15

    Middle East: 3

    Asia: 3

    Total Visited: 24


    Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information about my work, projects or activities. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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